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Amalia Rana's Nursery Refresh

February 2023

Amalia’s big sis nursery upgrade is finally complete! 

Well…almost. With just a few last minute touches underway, Amalia’s new space is nearly finished and we couldn’t wait to share! I’m sure you’re wondering why Ami needed an upgrade, and the truth is - she didn’t, but the upcoming arrival of Baby A opened up a unique opportunity to create two new spaces that complement each other and I was excited to take on the challenge! 

Amalia and Baby A will only be 15 months apart, so I intend for there to be tons of coordinating looks and matching practically everything. So with that in mind, coordinating nurseries just seemed so appropriate. Also, Dad wanted Amalia to have the bigger room for “fairness”  so…it was a win-win to move Amalia to the larger room and start with two blank slates! Once we established our plan, I began working on the design. 


Nabela's Moodboard

The Design Process

After weeks of searching, I found the perfect wallpaper that had two colorways. I clicked “Order” and began moodboarding. I knew that I wanted Amalia’s space to have the same essence as her original nursery. Calming, romantic, dreamy with beautiful blush tones and gold accents. When moodboarding, I like to gather real images of all items I intend on using in a space. This helps prevent me from making impulsive purchases that may not make it into the final design and also test out a variety of pieces in a potential space to see what works and what doesn’t. Moodboarding is my favorite part of the design process and has been a therapeutic source of creative expression when bringing any space to life. 


The Pieces

I reused all of her pre-existing furniture, which saved a lot of time and made the transition much easier. Her beautiful ivory bone inlay dresser worked perfectly in the new space and her crib is a true staple, with features that allow it to grow with her and convert into a toddler and eventual big kid bed. A beautiful wooden dollhouse sits perfectly in front of her mounted wall mirror as a focal point for the room and an ideal spot for mommy & daughter selfies! 


When it comes to window treatments, I would’ve ideally preferred luscious blush curtains with a satin or silky effect. Unfortunately, finding curtains like what I had envisioned would have to be custom-made and with my timeline and budget in mind, I knew I needed to find the next best thing. So, I leaned in on texture and opted for a plush velvet, thick blush curtain that pulled more neutral than pink with its dusty rose coloring. Once the curtains arrived, I was a bit surprised by the muted tone as it was pictured to be more blush online. However, Seth ended up loving the texture and color. Now that a few weeks have passed, I’m also a fan and think it grounds the space.







Some of the many ways I designed both nurseries to be complementary include the lighting selections. I used matching glass chandeliers for both spaces and it adds a thoughtful touch of continuity as you walk through their Jack & Jill bathroom from one room to the next. I also decided to use a large gilded gold mirror for Amalia’s room and the smaller version for Baby A’s. (I cannot wait to reveal her nursery very soon!) 


It wouldn’t be a Nabela Noor Home project without a little design detail from my home brand, Nabela Noor Home. I tucked one of my favorite NNH Bari pillow covers on Amalia’s glider for a sweet, familial touch. The twice sold out Nadia pillow cover is a signature piece from my Bari Pillow Cover collection, anticipated to restock in the Spring! 

IMG_0602 2.JPG

What’s Next

I intend on layering Amalia’s vintage Turkish rug with a larger jute rug as the proper rug size is important for the scale of the room. Another final touch will be artwork or wall accents above Amalia’s dresser to complete the wall opposite her crib. Overall, Amalia Rana’s  nursery will grow with her and continue to evolve as her tastes and preferences change over the years. I am grateful to have created a framework for her to explore and discover her own design aesthetic. When that time comes, Ammu and Daddy will be ready with a toolkit and paintbrush in hand to bring her future vision to life!


Images by: Kinna Shaffer

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