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Nabela's Rejuvenating Spa Room

June 2023

When your interests and life merge together, you get to design a room transformation that you always dreamed of with your partner and best friend! That’s exactly what has come to fruition during the third trimester of my pregnancy. I have been dealing with excruciating pain and sciatica, which leaves me debilitated most days. To naturally cope with this pain, I have been getting prenatal massages and re-centering my self care practices. So for an early Mother’s Day gift, Seth suggested to me that we transition a small room in our basement to our own personal mini spa!


In this room, I can get my prenatal massages in the comfort of my home and relax as much as I need. To learn how we changed this room into our in-home spa, keep reading!

The Design Process 

Since the progression of this unused space naturally came about, Seth really honed in on what to do next to perfectly capture the feeling of rest and relaxation. I’ve gone to a few spas that I thought do this really well and created a moodboard for Seth to reference! Once he saw this, we worked together and helped me get the supplies needed to bring this to life.


After talking to me about my expectations for the room, Seth realized that I wanted to incorporate soft texture as well as aromas in a simple, yet elevated way. At least for me, the first things I notice when I walk into a spa is the lighting and the fragrance they use. My senses are invigorated and I had to replicate that. To do so, Seth brought these elements together:


  • Mood lighting

  • Organic and textured materials

  • Other spa necessities like hot stones, a massage table, and skin care products (Oak Essentials and Osea)


This room was already white, (paint color by –), when we repainted the interior of our home, which allowed us to start with a clean slate. Next, Seth had to reimagine what a new storage solution could look like for some of our camera equipment and any extra items.


The Pieces

We were able to reuse a lot of decor from different areas of our home and breathe new life into some pieces that I had grown tired of. Some of these items being the credenza, sconces, mirror, rug, and the mismatched art on the opposite wall.


The main thing we had to purchase was the massage table, curtains, and the jute rope for our curtain ring DIY. Once the curtain DIY was finished and we brought some of the bigger pieces of furniture into the room, the entire space started to come together.


I love having this room in my home now and am looking forward to the upcoming weeks as I enjoy this space during my pregnancy and after Baby A’s arrival. I hope this little room transformation allows you to rethink selfcare on whatever scale is obtainable in your home and the way that you can incorporate it into your daily or weekly routine.

4F0A0208 (1).jpg

The Finished Product

This new space has become one of my favorite spaces to unwind in and I'm so happy with how it has come together. I can't wait to utilize this oasis as I recover after giving birth as well.


Images by: Kinna Shaffer

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