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pistachio & date truffles

a sweet and simple dessert perfect for hosting iftar dinners, and spring lunches.


  • 6 vanilla cupcakes (or more!)

  • 1 tbsp maple syrup 

  • 1-2 cups heavy cream

  • white chocolate 

  •  handful of pistachios 

  • dates 

  • dried florals 


PREP: Bake half a dozen vanilla cupcakes using your favorite recipe (or you can use store bought cupcakes if you are in a pinch.) Begin boiling water on your stove. Finely crush your unshelled pistachios, and dice your dates into tiny bits to prepare.  

COOK:  To create the truffle filling, gently crumble half a dozen vanilla cupcakes into a medium mixing bowl. You can add more if desired. Use a fork or your hands to keep the filling light and airy. Once combined, add in your heavy cream and maple syrup into the bowl while folding the mixture consistently. This should form your "truffle" center. If the dough consistency feels too runny, crumble in some more cupcakes. If the dough still isn't forming together, add in 1/4 cup of heavy cream until the preferred consistency is made. Imagine the consistency of a cake pop - that is what we are going for!

Using an ice cream scoop, measure out and roll your truffles into tiny balls. Once you have rolled all of your truffles, pop them into your freezer for 1 hour. This will help the chocolate coating adhere to our truffle. 

Create a double boiler over your boiled water using a small glass bowl. Melt your white chocolate until it you've reached a creamy, runny consistency. Remove from double boiler and set aside. 

Coat every truffle into white chocolate and place evenly separated on a sheet of parchment. Immediately sprinkle on your finely-crushed pistachios and diced dates. To garnish, add an edible rose detail for a beautiful pop of color and presentation. Enjoy! 

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