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a note from nabela:

Just two years ago, I didn't know how to cook much beyond a trusted bowl of Mac & Cheese. I was terrified of cooking and accepted my fate of "not being much of a cook." The kitchen was an accessory in my home - a combination of a home office and a hub for socializing, nothing more. Fast forward to present day and post-pandemic(ish?) I find the most peace in the kitchen.


The center of our home. The space where I feel most free to express and challenge myself.


These last two years of my life have been transformative to say the least, but the biggest takeaway I will always cherish is the fact that sometimes your greatest joy will live on the other side of your fears. These are some of my favorite recipes to craft in the kitchen. Some are family recipes that span over several generations. while others are fusion dishes I've created and some are my tried and true recipes that I am so excited to share. I hope at least one of these dishes become a staple in your home, and that recreating them adds some #pocketsofpeace to your day. 

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