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Aveena Kay's Nursery Reveal

June 2023

Aveena Kay’s nursery reveal is here! I’ve been pouring endless love into this space since discovering that I was pregnant again and I’m thrilled to have this outlet to share the entire design journey, as it’s a sentimental one. In this Design Diary, I’ll be sharing my design process, a glimpse into my moodboard, the inspiration behind the design and sourcing links for you to recreate your favorite elements from the space. 

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The Inspiration

In the fall of 2022, after a few weeks of consistent negative pregnancy tests (yet feeling a deep intuition that I was pregnant), I was absolutely certain that I was meant to get my big fat positive while on an upcoming trip to London. For several years I had a “London curse” looming over me, where every single planned trip to London ended up getting canceled. I had never been to England and it had been a lifelong dream to visit. I finally had a trip lined up that was in partnership with Netflix and I knew this trip was actually going to come to fruition. So I excitedly prepared for my travels, while navigating my growing suspicion that I was pregnant again. One morning after another failed test, I came to a realization. Maybe I was meant to find out that I was pregnant again while in London. Maybe I was meant to go to London as a mother of two… 


A part of me shrugged off the idea while staring at the countless negative pregnancy tests in the trash can. But another part of me believed in the possibility. Imagine…discovering we were pregnant again while finally in London, holding our pregnancy test up in the air in front of Big Ben. Half hesitant and half a chronic romanticizer,  I tucked a pack of tests into my luggage and continued my travel prep. A week later, I was in England with Netflix for a top secret tour of the Bridgerton set for season 3. It was the experience of a lifetime. More to come on this as we get closer to the new season’s release. 


After exploring the Bridgerton sets in Old Windsor, we headed for London. Inspired by the gorgeous Blue floral designs of the Bridgerton drawing room, I wore a blue and white floral skirt that complimented the Regency aesthetic perfectly. We enjoyed an afternoon shopping and eating at Harrods before returning to our hotel. Upon entering our room, I was greeted with pink rose petals covering our bed, sweet treats on our table and a note wishing us a wonderful stay in London. The love and warmth in the room was palpable. I felt an immediate urge to take another test. Something just told me that it was the perfect time. And sure enough, within minutes, two bold pink lines confirmed what my heart had known for weeks. I was pregnant again. The next morning, as I had daydreamt, we took a photo in front of Big Ben, pregnancy test in hand. 


Nabela's Moodboard


The Design Process

As a big believer in God’s divine timing and a walking billboard of the many ways in which God’s plan superseded my own, I wanted to celebrate and honor this story in a meaningful way. Discovering this pregnancy in such a fairytale fashion wouldn’t have been possible without our trip to London with Netflix and Bridgerton. So, when it came time to design our baby’s nursery, I knew exactly where to pull inspiration from. I began my search for the perfect Blue floral pattern, and landed on the dreamiest Blue toile wallpaper. Our daughter’s room was going to embody the sets of Bridgerton, with blue toile wallpaper, elegant vintage accents, luxurious details and so much more. I knew it would be my favorite design to date, and I poured my heart into moodboarding to bring my vision to life. 


The Pieces
With my daughters being so close in age, I wanted to create complimentary nurseries in two different color schemes. My hope was that when you entered either of the girls’ rooms, the visuals felt fluid and seamless. So when moving Amalia to a larger bedroom and redesigning her former room into Aveena’s new nursery, I started from scratch with two blank canvases.

When searching for my perfect blue wallpaper, I knew it needed to have an alternate version in a pink colorway for Amalia’s nursery refresh. Luckily enough, I was able to source exactly that. Styling and furnishing from that point onward was an absolute treat after feeling the wave of inspiration from our travels. 

For the focal point in Aveena’s nursery, I opted for a beautiful brass toned crib with a small framed painting hung securely above. I opted for a golden gilt mirror paired with a white dresser and swapped the existing handles with brass knobs to lean into the glamour of the Regency era inspiration. I repurposed big sis Amalia’s glider for baby Aveena and paired it with a round boucle ottoman for added texture. Something I learned through experience from my first baby was the need for a side table next to the glider, to place essentials while feeding. So I added a beautiful marble side table and added a swing-arm floor lamp for functionality. 

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When deciding on making the nurseries complementary and “matching,” I knew I wanted both rooms to have the same chandelier. I fell in love with a bubble chandelier that feels playful, whimsical and timeless and it is one of my favorite touches in both rooms. I selected powder blue curtains that encapsulate the luscious opulence I felt while at the Bridgerton set. From the color to the quality of the fabric, it is a sight to behold in person and on camera. I added a neutral patterned rug to balance the space and topped off with vintage accessories and antique accents for a warmer, intentional vibe. 

As I chose every detail, I envisioned its purpose and function in both nurseries and placed little intentions for how they would live on in their future bedrooms, homes and spaces. I am so thrilled to now have a full house, with two nurseries for my two little girls. When I enter Aveena’s nursery, I will always be transported to our unforgettable experience in England, and reminded that every blessing has its timing. I’m forever grateful to be celebrating this specific season of blessings and thankful to each of you who have joined me in praying for this chapter.

I know now that every chapter before this one was necessary to get to this exact page. 

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You can read all about Amalia’s nursery refresh here.

Images by: Kinna Shaffer

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